Social Media Coach

Meet Lindsey


Meet Lindsey

A former new yorker turned southerner, Lindsey Breitwieser is an entrepreneur, integrated marketing expert, and social media coach based in Greenville, SC. Her aim is to unlock the tools and resources that businesses and brands need to reach their full potential.

Lindsey began her career in New York City where she worked on national campaigns for large advertising agencies: McGarry Bowen, J. Walter Thompson, and FCB. During her time in the advertising world she learned how to manage and run social campaigns for the big guys.

Let Lindsey demystify the world of social media for you and help you make sense of how to manage it all. Let her share the tips, tools, and processes that major brands use to make running your social media simple. With experience that is unmatched in the upstate she not only knows how to make it happen but knows how to help you make it happen for yourself.

Let's get started!