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Influencers can be a great social media tool. They can help increase awareness and exposure by reviewing products and services, attending events, and posting quality social media content. All while integrating your brand into the conversation in an honest and relatable way.

Up until now there hasn't been an easy way for brands and small businesses to find the right local people to work with. Or for local influencers to identify themselves and be vetted and qualified. That's where Lindsey B Social comes in. If you're interested in activating locals that create quality social media content or becoming a verified local influencer that works directly with brands, apply below!

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Want to Become a Verified Local Influencer?

If you're passionate about people, places, and things right here in the upstate and love using your social media to share your experiences you may be the perfect person for a small business or local brand to partner with. 

Apply below if working with local brands to try services, products, attend events or openings, and creating quality social media content to share sounds right up your alley!

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Want to Work With a Verified Local Influencer?

If you're a small business owner or upstate brand that wants to gain some additional exposure in the local community working with an influencer could be perfect for you. Activate the right people to share your message and skip the hassle of having to find them, manage the partnership, or draft the agreement. 

Apply below and get started working with local social media influencers.